About Us

Claire was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. She received her Bachelors of Science in Finance at the University of Dayton in order to build a career in the ‘family business.’ After graduating and starting her career in the financial services industry, she discovered that there was a need for more specialized college planning services than what most financial advisers and CPAs were capable of offering. After many dedicated years of working professionally with college planners in the Chicago area, and nearly a decade of working in the financial industry, Claire opened the college planning division of her family’s business in Denver – Cadeau College Planning.

Claire holds multiple college planning and financial aid workshops each month and meets with families throughout the Denver area. Her passion is teaching families with college bound students insider secrets and tips for entering the world of higher education; such as how to avoid mistakes that can be costly, and how to get free money for college regardless of their financial situation or student’s grades. Claire’s professional mission is to guide families through the college planning process by getting college bound students into their ‘best fit’ schools, maximizing the amount of financial aid they are eligible for and showing the parents how to fund the cost without negatively impacting their savings and retirement. Claire and her husband, Zach, have three young children, Jacob, Stella and Serafina. She enjoys spending time with family, cooking, hiking and skiing.